Faith, Health and Peace

For the past few years I have served on the planning committee for a series of interfaith conferences on peace issues.  Past conferences have featured important and worthwhile speakers, panels, and workshops.  The conferences are well-run, inexpensive, and held in a really beautiful place.  We are trying now to spread our publicity to more people.  I would not be promoting these conferences or, for that matter, serve on the committee, if I did not think they were worth my time and effort.

The upcoming conference is on health issues as seen from a faith context and as peace issues.  We have speakers coming from Geneva and Cape Town; speakers and panelists who are Christian, Jewish Muslim, Christian Scientists, and from other spiritually-driven healing traditions.  Among our speakers, but not mentioned in the publicity materials I am posting here is Joshua Dubois who served in the first Obama administration  as head of the Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships.  He was also a spiritual advisr to the President providing him with devotional readings each morning.

Here is the promotional material.

Peace Conference 2014

2014 Peace Conference explores health care

You can get information and register at



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