About Philip J Bentley

RABBI PHILIP J BENTLEY has been writing about Judaism and contemporary issues (peace, environment, human rights, etc.) for almost 50 years and has published several articles and papers on these subjects.  He has served congregations in New Bedford, Massachusetts, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, Jericho NY, and Queens NY.  He is currently retired as Senior Scholar at Agudas Israel Congregation in Hendersonville NC.

He is married and has two sons and a grandson.  He has served on the on the boards of several communal organizations and NGOs, including the Jewish Peace Fellowship which he chaired 1988-98.  In retirement he is active in local justice and interfaith organizations.  He has helped plan several interfaith peace conferences at Lake Junaluska.


One response to “About Philip J Bentley”

  1. Kevin Gilmore says :

    Not a reply but an inquiry; are you the Rabbi Phil Bentley who was the Director at the J bar CC Ranch Camp in Elbert, Colorado in 1971? A book based on the reminiscences of past directors at the camp recently came out, and I noticed that the Phil Bentley who was the director in 1971 during my first year as a camper was left off of that list. I did an online search, and here i am; how many Rabbi Phil Bentley’s could there be?

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